Dashboards and Scorecards are designed to translate your organization’s mission and business strategies into performance measures and operating objectives. This is the single most important step in your plan for improving your organization.

Dashboards and Scorecards Help Your Organization to:

Maximize ROI from your Improvement programs
Maximize the impact of improvements for your customers
Maximize corporate visibility and acceptance of your improvement

Dashboards help you to identify your focus and create a project roadmap. Here you can plan your project charter, assign team members and define completion dates. THE NEW EXCELLENCE teaches you to use the principles of DMAIC – Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control to reach your project goals in clearly defined phases. The financial gains for all projects can now be captured, evaluated and tied to overall organizational goals.

Use Dashboards To:

Compare planned vs. actual project deadlines and financial goals
Link multiple tiers of projects to overall corporate strategy

Corporate Scorecards tied to leading indicators are the only way to effectively manage your business. The linkage to your performance improvement projects will ensure that you maximize your investment in performance improvement. It’s the only certain way to convince your investors that you are maximizing their investment opportunities.

Use Scorecards To:

Weight performance measures against key focus areas
Focus on accountability in key areas
Link to strategies and goals for impact on customers

Once you have business scorecards in place, you can effectively monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization has determined provide a measure of success for each customer perspective. By looking at the impact of performance improvement initiatives on the key metrics identified in your scorecard, you have the ability to align resources and project selection with your corporate strategy.

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