Enterprise-Wide Improvement



THE NEW EXCELLENCE helps companies implement an efficient and effective operating plan to achieve their strategic vision. We do so by first analyzing your business goals and stakeholder requirements, and advise you how best to close any performance gaps and establish process controls.


THE NEW EXCELLENCE offers two ways to learn. With our Corporate Programs, The New Excellence comes to your company to train and offers continuing support options. For fewer than 20 employees that you wish to train, we offer a calendar of open enrollment courses at locations across the USA and France.

Six Sigma Training

Our Six Sigma training, implementation and consulting services will drive Financially Measurable Results throughout your organization. We offer integrated, full deployment Six Sigma training.

Lean Methods and Lean Six Sigma

With THE NEW EXCELLENCE’s Lean methods training, you eliminate non-essential steps in your business processes that waste time, money and aggravate your customers. By combining and integrating Lean principles that improve speed/flow with the disciplines of Six Sigma to reduce variations in quality, the results are dramatic.


THE NEW EXCELLENCE’s product development process ensures that our products and services meet your requirements. In addition to designing and licensing courseware, THE NEW EXCELLENCE can help you customize and  manage your curricula effectively and efficiently.

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