Successful Change Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT is a methodology which uses proven toolset to  effectively drive required change through an organization. This approach can drive business improvement beyond expectations by utilizing the power of a motivated team.

THE NEW EXCELLENCE’s Change Management training has a strong  emphasis on problem solving and group leadership techniques. Participants will gain the knowledge and the skills necessary to lead teams and help their organization achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

The format of the training is varied, including lecture, practical exercises, videos, case study, role playing, and group discussion elements. Participants will learn to use data better to identify, analyze and eliminate problems, as well as techniques to quantify problems. Advanced problem-solving and decision-making methods and work process documentation will be valuable additions to the Team Leader’s toolkit. Participants will define the roles of team leader, team member, facilitator, and management, and they will achieve a better understanding of people skills, behaviors and group dynamics – all needed to successfully build and maintain teams.

Team Member Training

THE NEW EXCELLENCE’s Team Member training targets prospective team members and equips them with an understanding of the problem-solving process, as well as a ready reference guide to enable their effective participation on an improvement team.

Through a combination of lecture, practical exercises, skill practice, and group discussion, team members will learn to structure problem-solving and decision-making processes, to use qualitycontrol tools, and to construct an effective problem statement definition. By combining Team Leader and Team Builder training from THE NEW EXCELLENCE, your people will take a significant step toward enabling improved business results for the organization.

Team Skills Training

THE NEW EXCELLENCE’s Team Skills training targets prospective team members and equips them with soft skills – the dynamic of team member interaction. Reduce conflict and blame within your team and see your projects flow more successfully to completion.